Washington Technology University (WTU) is opening its doors in Bellevue and is working to make sure that open, local, tech jobs are filled by Washingtonians.

The reasons for opening this new University are clear to WTU's Dr. Steven Olswang, "The reality is there are a lot of jobs in this community that are being filled by people coming in, and there are not a lot of opportunities for students that finish their Associate's degree to go on to a bachelor’s degree."

Olswang says there are about 700,000 adults in the state of Washington that have some college credit, but not a Bachelor's degree. WTU wants to give these students an opportunity to complete that education and to help to the local Technology Industry fill in hiring gaps. Their goal is to help fill the void that exists now between opportunity and jobs.

"There are a lot of jobs in the field, but we don’t educate enough technology specialists in particular areas, and the void between being able to stay here and get your Bachelor’s degree is really quite significant," he says.

New school Washington Technology University offers bachelor degrees in Information Security to students in just 18 months.

As the local technology industry continues to rise, it's easy to project that jobs opportunities will continue to rise for people with the right skill set and qualifications.

"Our industry produces about 5,000-6,000 new jobs a year that require a computer science Bachelor’s Degree, another 20,000 jobs a year that require some technical Bachelor’s Degree every single year," says Michael Schultzler of the Washington Technology Industry Association, "90% of those jobs are getting filled by people from outside the state because the local school production pipeline is that small."

The first program being offered by Washington Technology University is a Bachelor of Science in Information Security, a field with ever-increasing demand and median salaries of $96,000.

When you enter the program with your Associates' degree in hand, WTU provides a fast-track, 18-month program that focuses on one course at a time. The program has been designed to accommodate working people or people with families. Its structured as half online, half face to face, which allows flexibility for people in the program to complete their education while still upholding their commitments to employers and family.

Visit Washington Technology University online and enroll now to qualify for a Founders Scholarship up to $4500 of your overall tuition, which is up to 20% off. Enrollment for January 2018 is now open.

Questions? Call WTU (425)-223-5812.