Seattle — With recent news that China will no longer take on any more trash from America, it's more important than ever to find ways to improve our environmental approach.

Technology and sustainability expert Gail Barnes joins New Day Northwest with with three easy ways to help.

  • Ditch jobbing and start "Plogging." What's Plogging? A Swedish fitness trend that’s gaining not only popularity but also collecting unwanted waste is called plogging because as you jog you pick up litter as you run.
  • Bag a compostable lunch. Bagging your lunch can be healthier than eating out every day, but is all that extra packaging in our lunch bag healthier for the environment?
  • Unplug on autopilot. Your wall charger is still pulling energy, even when you are not charging your device. It's not only wasteful but can jack up your electric bill. Unplugging wall chargers when they are not in use is an extra step most of us don’t think to take, but newer wall charger technology can do the thinking for us to save on your electric bill.

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