On Saturday, October 22, volunteers across the country will come together for Make a Difference Day, one of the largest single-days of service nationwide. No matter how big or small the project, the simple goal is to do something to improve the lives of others. This year, KING 5 is proud to work with several local partners to make a difference in the environment and our focus is on preventing storm runoff that damages marine life in the Puget Sound.

Ron Gascoyne from Lowe’s shows us how to make your own rain garden at home. Rain gardens are a landscaped area that collects, absorbs, and filters storm water runoff from rooftops, driveways, patios, and other hard surfaces that don’t allow water to soak in. Rain gardens are sized to accommodate temporary ponding after it rains and are not meant to be permanent ponds. One benefit to having a rain garden is that they limit the amount of contaminated water reaching our steams and Puget Sound area by acting as a natural filter.

For complete guidance on how to design, install and maintain a rain garden, download a free copy of the “Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington” and find additional information and resources at www.12000RainGardens.org/resources.

To learn more about building your own rain garden, visit these links at Cedar Grove or The Nature Conservancy.