The audience arrives about 9:45 am and we are done by 11:30 am. Email for tickets to

Monday, May 14th

  • The Nice Guy's Guide to Cooking for a Lady
  • Ciscoe goes Royal...he's talking elderflower and berries
  • Royal Family History with historian Feliks Banel
  • Royal Wedding: Fascinators
  • Hope Creek Charitable Foundation

Tuesday, May 15th (Audience is full)

  • Actress Rose McGowan
  • Royal Corgi's!!
  • Summer Reads - Sci-Fi and Fantasy picks
  • SIFF Preview
  • Improv Games w/Theatresports!

Wednesday, May 16th - Aging Well Show

  • Skincare w/AZFASST
  • The Aging Brain - Proven steps to prevent dementia and sharpen your mind
  • Caring for Aging Dogs
  • End of Life Documents - What you need to know.
  • Fixing small imperfections in your smile.

Thursday, May 17th