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Ciscoe brings tomatoes to the plaza and Amity is not impressed

Amity does not love tomatoes, so she got some help from Terry Hollimon when master gardener Ciscoe Morris brought 8 varieties for her to try. #newdaynw

SEATTLE — Amity admits she does not love raw tomatoes (it's her only flaw,) so when Ciscoe wanted to do a fun tomato taste test she needed to phone a friend!

Terry Hollimon, of The Barbershop Podcast, is an amateur gardener himself and was ALL IN!

Here are the tomatoes they tasted:

  • BRANDYWINE: The most popular heirloom tomato. Large fruit with superb flavor. A great variety from 1885! Beautiful pink fruit up to 1½ lbs each!
  • CELEBRITY: An attractive red tomato prized for Flavor and Large Fruit.
  • BERKELEY PINK TIE-DYE: Compact plants produce beautiful, striped 8-12 ounce fruit with a very sweet, rich, dark tomato flavor.
  • VIRGINIA SWEETS: This bicolored heirloom produces dark yellow, beefsteak-type fruits, with red stripes. Full of rich, sweet flavor with just the right amount of acid.
  • PINEAPPLE: Named for its shape, not flavor, the Pineapple tomato is a bi-color beefsteak tomato. Its outer ribbing is reminiscent of a pineapple's ribbed exterior.
  • BLACK: This tomato comes from the Crimean peninsula in the Ukraine. Unique flavor.
  • GLACIER: Earliest ripening of any tomato, the 1–2 oz. red fruits are borne on a compact, determinate plant. Sweetness combines with moderate acidity to create a wonderfully complex flavor.
  • SUNGOLD: ripens early to a golden orange, these extra-sweet cherry tomatoes win practically every blind taste test I take part in.

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