SEATTLE — Seattle photographer Charity Burggraaf knows a thing or two about taking food photos.  Her work has been featured in top food magazines like Saveur, Bon Appetit and popular food blog, to name just a few. In this interview, she shares her top five tips for food photography to take your dinner from dull to delicious.

1. Find the Light Source

Single source light is ideal to avoid casting double shadows. In order to show dimension, show back, side, or a percentage of the light to add texture to the food. West and East light will allow for more intense moods, whereas light from the South can be too flat.

2. Soften the shadows

Using white and/or black bounce cards can help add drama to your dish. Block out the colors of indoor lighting you don't want and increase your light source by using sheer curtains. Curtains will soften the light and eliminate excessive glares.

3. Play with your food! 

Keep it simple and natural. Tell a story with the dish and find the movement. Hands and flatware bring life to the image, but so does mess and imperfection. 

4. Neutrals, Neutrals, Neutrals

Using neutral dishes, linens, flatware, and table tops helps avoid shine and glare and places the focus back on the food. Handmade dishes and antique flatware from the Goodwill can make your food look cozy and natural.

5. Angles are everything

Take photos from the top down, at 3/4 of an angle, or 90 degrees. These are the three basic angles that can make your food look spectacular.

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