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A parent's guide to building confidence and social skills in children

Author, Caroline Maguire, analyzes the most successful tactics for helping children succeed individually and socially in her latest book.

SEATTLE — Every parent wants their child to feel confident and succeed socially, but some may need assistance to develop the proper skills.

Caroline Maguire, author of Why Will No One Play With Me? breaks down her "Play Better Plan". This method helps children of all ages develop important tools such as:

  • Social Sleuthing - to learn to pay attention to social cues from others
  • Post-Play Date Huddles - helps kids figure out what to look for in a friendship
  • Reflective Listening - improve your child's relationship with their peers

Maguire speaks over 250 times per year to parents, teachers, caregivers, and administrators throughout the country on how to use this program with their children. 

Caroline joins us today to discuss the Play Better Plan, tackling conversations about social challenges, and other common issues children experience with developing important social skills.

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