SEATTLE — This year marks 50 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's historic journey to the moon, an event millions of people marveled at in 1969 and continue to be awestruck by today. 

Seattle has a place in history when it comes to air travel, but this week it will welcome an artifact that has made its way to the moon itself. 

The Apollo 11 manual, which includes flight plans and annotations from astronauts, will be on display for just one day at the Living Computer Museum before heading to auction at Christie's New York on July 18th.

"it is the book that was used to land a man on the moon for the first time," Christina Geiger said. 

The book came from Buzz Aldrin's personal collection until 12 years ago when he sold it. The one-day showing in Seattle will be the first time the book has been on public display. 

After Seattle, it will go down to Palo Alto, California for a one-day display and then it will go to New York for one week of viewing before auction.

"The auction estimate is $7 - $9 million," Geiger said. "But time will tell if competition drives [it] up." 

"It's not just an artifact that was there," she said. "It was mission critical and it tells the whole story of the journey of the [Apollo Lunar Module] Eagle."

apollo 11 manual
The Apollo 11 Manual will be auctioned at Christie's New York on July 18th, but will be on display for the public in Seattle for one day only.

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