SEATTLE — Shopping for a new car is a big step most people will take, but what you don't realize is how long the process can take. It could be weeks of hopping around dealerships to find the best vehicle for you, and once you decide on a car it's a 5-6 hour process to negotiate a deal and sign all the paperwork. Joydrive CEO Hunter Gorham and Johnny Bennerson from Northwest Motorsport visited New Day Northwest to introduce a service that eliminates these challenges.

For Gorham, the idea sprouted out of a simple question: "How special would it be to be able to buy a car like we use Netflix, from your home, from your bed, delivered to you? No haggling -- easy."

With the Northwest Motorsport + Joydrive service, you are able to complete the car-buying process 100% online. You browse a selection of vehicles from local dealers, purchase your favorite, and have it delivered right to your front door. Every car also has a five-day return period, in case you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase.

The Northwest Motorsport + Joydrive marketplace offers over 13,000 new and pre-owned cars to fit everyone's budget and is the largest online marketplace of its kind. All the prices listed are haggle-free, and the absolute best offers each local dealer can give you.

"In this day and age, you really have to be competitive as a dealership," says Bennerson.

Once you find your perfect car, you click the one you want and create an account. Once that is done, you choose how you'd like to make your purchase: cash, trade-in or finance/ After the deposit is made, the vehicle can be delivered to your home or business at no extra charge.

Following delivery, which can be as fast as one day, you have 5 days or 250 miles to use the car as you would in your daily life, which is a lot more comfortable and comprehensive than a test drive around the block with a salesman sitting next to you.

With Northwest Motorsport + Joydrive, "Dealers are getting a chance to really win and customers are getting to buy the way they'd like to buy," says Gorham,

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