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What's the best Christmas movie? - Hot Topics

Plus, which two people would you always pick up the phone for? #newdaynw

It's time for the most wonderful segment of the week! Executive producer Joseph Suttner and producer Suzie Wiley join Amity to take a look at what's trending.

This Week's Hot Topics:

  • It's now that time of year where it's socially acceptable to publicly watch the Christmas movies many have secretly been watching anyway for months. What makes for a great Christmas movie and what is the best of all time? According to a YouGov survey, "Home Alone" ranks at the top.
  • Who would you give your phone number to and always pick up their call? Queen Elizabeth II apparently only picks up the phone for two people: her daughter, Princess Anne, and racing manager, John Warren. What's more, her phone is unhackable as MI6 (the British government's foreign intelligence body) loaded it with anti-hacking software. Our panelists talk about who they would pick up for.
  • Birthday twins! It's executive producer Joseph Suttner's birthday and he shares his special day with none other than Russell Wilson. Joseph talks about his feelings on this and our panelists are surprised to learn who their birthday twins are. Who's your birthday twin?

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