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Up your beauty routine with cool new beauty tools

The shelves are full of beauty tools and products. Beauty influencer Mickey Williams sorts through the latest to find what really works. #newdaynw

SEATTLE — Whether it's science-driven (Time Magazine Award-Winning) ingredients or an applicator that’s a guide for a perfect cat-eye, we’ve got some of the newest and coolest beauty tools to help you get a fresh start to Spring! 

Beauty Influencer Mickey Williams of ShareTheGlam.com shared her top five with us.

1) OPULUS Beauty Labs Glow Ritual System

PRICE: $295

SHOP: @opulusbeautylabs.com

A complete system including the OPULUS Activator and your choice of Glow Ritual Facial set. This is all you need to get Freshly Activated Beauty™ and experience 7 spa-worthy facials at home. The System elevates routine into ritual and changes the game on results. Potent active skincare blended the moment you want it — at the touch of a button, applied warm for optimized absorption. This is the future of skincare — and it’s here. Elegantly streamlined and gorgeously effective.

2) Charlotte Tilbury Cyro-Recovery Face Mask

PRICE: $55.00

SHOP: @CharlotteTilbury.com

Charlotte’s new Cryo-Recovery mask is inspired by the high-performance ice-tech of cryotherapy and the ancient art of facial acupressure techniques to create the appearance of lifted, firmer, smoother, refreshed, and revived. Crafted from a flexible, skin-cushioning silicone for extreme comfort and easy washability for re-use, this mask is embedded with advanced cooling gel bead pockets targeting the forehead, under eyes, cheekbones, nasolabial lines, and under the chin. To use, simply place the mask into the freezer for 30 minutes, remove and place the mask gel side onto cleansed skin, secure the mask using the velcro straps, begin massaging the metal beads into pressure points and relax.

3) Vatika Ayurveda Moisturizing Hair Mask

PRICE: $20.99

SHOP: @amazon

• Ayurveda says that when hair expresses Vatā (Wind) traits, it craves moisture to combat dryness and damage. The solution lies in the Ayurveda itself that is the ayurvedic herbs and plant extracts.

• Consists of Licorice and Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi). Licorice Root is an ayurvedic herb that works to control unmanageable hair by detangling each strand with finesse. Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi) - as an herbal remedy claim to heal the modern hair with natural growth and slows down hair fall caused by daily stressors

4) Baggallini Toiletry Kit

PRICE: $35.00

SHOP: @baggallini.com

This style is the ultimate toiletries bag. It features multiple exterior compartments as well as a hanging hook to save space in those cramped hotel bathrooms, while water-resistant fabric is a must for storing toiletries and clear panels make finding your things a breeze. Best of all, this toiletry bag's modular design fits easily in Baggallini luggage, making it a must for travel organization.

5) Guide Beauty Eyeliner Duo

PRICE: $50.00

SHOP: @GuideBeauty.com

Our multi-award-winning GUIDE Wand and luxurious, jet black eyeliner make it nearly effortless to draw on, wing and tightline eyeliner. The Wand boasts a replaceable, soft, and flexible precision tip applicator that’s gentle on the eyes. The easy-to-hold handle steadies the hand to make even rushed eyeliner application a cinch. It’s also a game-changer, as it makes advanced, pro-artistry techniques achievable for anyone.

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