SEATTLE — Azfasst’s Dr. Anne Riordan says their new night cream has had customers waking up with rejuvenated skin, and that the botanical green tea extracts combined with Hyalufix GL can help your skin glow. 

"I had so much feedback from a lot of the clients and patients of mine who've used the Azfasst skin care line," said Dr. Riordan. "And they were saying 'my skin is so dry in the fall and wintertime, and even in the summertime after being in the sun. It looks lifeless and dehydrated...can you put together a night cream?' And that's exactly what we did. This night cream has been four years in the making." 

Like the other Azfasst products, the night cream contains green tea. Additionally, it contains hyaluronic acid which penetrates into the skin, hydrating it and lifting it, according to Dr. Riordan. She tested the formula on herself and says she was amazed at the results she saw in just one month of use. 

"I've had such great feedback," she said. "Patients and clients are telling me it goes on like silk. They're using it in place of their regular day moisturizer now because it doesn't feel greasy or heavy. It really hydrates the skin. Your makeup goes on nicer. It's scent neutral, which is really won't interfere with any contact lenses or anything like that." 

The Azfasst three-piece set contains a cleanser, facial gel, and moisturizer, all of which contain organic botanical green tea. The facial gel also contains salicylic acid, which they say helps to reduce dark and sun spots on the skin. 

"Green tea has been known for thousands of years to be a wonderful anti-aging antioxidant," said Dr. Riordan. "It captures the free radicals that break up collagen and cause our face to lose volume and plumpness. The green tea helps to tighten and smooth our skin out so it doesn't look so drawn or yellow or sallow."

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