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Age with ease: Skin care products for every phase of life

Skin changes drastically as we age, so different skin care products are available to target a number of issues. Sponsored by Azfasst.

SEATTLE — Skin needs different things as you age. Whether you’re hoping to battle breakouts or focus on dark circles and lip lines, there are several methods to keep your skin looking its best.

Dr. Anne Riordan, creator of Azfasst skin care line, joined us to give advice on products and skin care methods at various ages.

20s  “That’s when people start to become aware of keeping skin healthy and fresh,” Dr. Riordan said. “Also, with the stress of college and hormonal issues, people can start getting breakouts and blemishes. That’s where our three-piece skin care set comes in.”

The set is for all skin types and contains green tea extract to calm breakouts and inflammation. It includes a cleanser, facial gel and moisturizer, which are all intended to work together to exfoliate, heal and moisturize the skin.

30s and 40s – “As we age, we start getting those crow’s feet, the vertical lip lines and those subtle changes of aging. You want to try to get started on a skin care line that can help,” Riordan said.

The Azfasst eye cream helps to lessen under eye puffiness and dark circles. “You can also use it on your upper lip if you get those vertical lip lines,” Riordan said.

50s and beyond – “You have to take your skin care up a notch a little bit,” Riordan said.

The newly-introduced night cream from Azfasst with hyaluronic acid can help even out skin tone and give a fresh look and feel, according to Riordan.

Tip: Mix a retinol and the night cream to make a paste. It goes on like a lotion and eliminates redness and irritation that can be associated with retinol use.

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