SEATTLE — Overwhelming feelings of burnout look different for every person. As the New Year begins, it's time to reevaluate your relationship with goals and how you can achieve them effectively without getting burnt out. 

Kori Linn, a Burnout Coach for Womxn in Tech talks about how to recognize feelings of burnout early avoid its negative effects. Linn spent several years working in corporate IT, designing and executing communication strategies that reached over 25,000 employees. 

She says that burnout isn't what people think, the result of overwork, stress, or a bad boss.  It's what happens when people try to "take positive action from negative emotion." She categorizes burnout in one of 5 categories: Action Taker, Totally Tapped Out, Catastrophizer, Brightside, and All of the Above.  Are you experiencing burnout? Take the quiz to find out what category you fit into.  

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