SEATTLE — Samira Ummat, MD of Longevity Medical Clinic says there is evidence that androgens (or hormones) like testosterone are breast protective in women. 

"Unfortunately, all women after mid-thirties, become deficient in many important hormones. In recent studies, it’s true, there is an 86% reduction in breast cancer cases when high-risk women were on androgen therapy. "

How does a woman know if she is at high risk for Breast Cancer?

According to Dr. Ummat, women who are at high risk for Breast Cancer often have above-average menopausal symptoms with lots of side effects. Some women breeze through menopause and other women get hammered with mood swings, hot flashes, low libido, and bone loss. The more problems you have, the higher the risk, and the more problems you can get. Plus, some women have genetic predisposition, make poor lifestyle choices, like smoking, living a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, becoming obese, too much alcohol, poor diet, too much radiation, late menopause, and delayed childbearing. The danger of being overweight is the fat tissue, like visceral fat, is a hormone factory, but it can create too much of the wrong hormones.

To know risk and whether you are getting the right treatments  Longevity Medical Clinic,  starts with measuring first, “if you don’t measure, you don’t know.'' 

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