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Save big on holiday gifts, travel gear, and stocking stuffers at the AAA Travel Store

The AAA Travel Store carries brands designed for fun, travel and daily wear and tear. Get 15% off during the Annual Holiday Sale, Nov 22-Dec 31. Sponsored by AAA

SEATTLE — Shopping for that perfect gift?  The AAA Travel Store has a great selection of luggage and accessories. The store carries brands designed for travel, and daily wear and tear. AAA Travel expert Lisa Anciaux showed us why the AAA Travel Store should be on our radar for all our gifting needs.

The travel collection is not available for purchase online! To find the location nearest you, visit wa.aaa.com.  Members and Non-Members can save an additional 15% off during their Annual Holiday Sale, Nov. 22 - Dec. 31st.

New Fall Baggallini Styles

The Baggallini Backpack Bag is one of Lisa’s favorites, “These are fabulous - it’s almost like a doctor’s bag, so really deep,” she said. The bag doubles as a backpack, with straps that can be tucked in when not in use.  

They also stock Baggallini’s larger carry-on luggage items. A recent release is a four-wheel tote. The wheels are magnetic, so they all roll in the same direction,  Lisa recommends it for travel or for work.  

Hedgren has a bag for everyone 

Lisa recommended the Hedgren Atoll waist bag, “We call them ‘vanny’ packs, not fanny packs, but this is great for men or women. It’s more flat than the big bulky kind. It holds a lot.”  The zipper in the back allows easy access to your passport or items you want to keep close. 

Hedgren’s day packs are great for travelers who want to be able to take their bag with them everywhere. It’s the perfect size for museums, “You’ve been overseas or you’ve been to museums where they say, ‘You have to check that' because it’s too big, but this is the perfect size that you can actually go through the museums with.”

Travel the world with Peace of Mind 

PacSafe’s patented Anti-Theft technology will keep your wallet and passport safe from pickpockets or thieves. The Venturesafe X12 Anti-Theft backpack is “slash proof.” The mesh underneath the top layer ensures that someone can’t cut through and get to your valuables, “Everything has that RFID protection too, so they can’t scan anything, which is wonderful.”

The PacSafe collection includes apparel, too. New this year is the Men’s Transit vest.  It’s weather repellant, has hidden pockets and uses RFIDsafe material.  

Travel Gear, Books, Accessories and More 

AAA’s apparel collection includes other items like Barefoot Dreams’ hats and sweaters, and they have a great selection of travel books as well, “Our books are priced exactly the same as Amazon,” said Lisa, “ So you can just come down, pick it up, right there, and walk away with it.”

If you’re looking for a gift for the person that has everything, you might like the hands-free, portable, neckband fan from Spice of Life, “That’s a great little stocking stuffer,” said Lisa.  It’s great to take on a tropical vacation, or just to keep at your desk at work.   

The travel collection is not available for purchase online. “You need to go into the stores,” said Lisa. To find the location nearest you, visit wa.aaa.com. 


Members and Non-Members can save an additional 15% off during AAA's Annual Holiday Sale, Nov. 22 - Dec. 31st. Stop by any AAA Travel Store before Dec 31 and choose from the latest travel fashions, accessories, and top-flight luggage.

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