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Skinny Seattle’s unique, all natural approach to Weight Loss

Developing healthy lifestyle habits is key to unlocking potential for weight loss. Sponsored by Skinny Seattle.

SEATTLE — Aging is inevitable, but taking control of your health isn't. By being aware of your health, chances of lifestyle-induced illnesses decrease. Dr. Timothy Panah's Skinny Seattle offers personalized weight loss programs that take each person's individual obstacles and lifestyle into account.

"If there's one overarching theme for our process, it's teaching people how to listen to, then love, honor, and respect their own bodies," said Dr. Panah. "No two people are the same."

It is often the case that many other factors, either genetic or lifestyle, are disrupting people's metabolic systems and leading to weight gain. 

"Just focusing narrowly on weight loss without assessing and addressing the underlying issues right is very hard to sustain long term," said Dr. Panah, "And then all of a sudden, people have to discipline themselves in order to be successful. I think discipline is only a small part of being successful because discipline only lasts so long." 

Other factors include challenges with energy levels, sleep cycle, and a slower metabolism. That's why Skinny Seattle uses a customized approach.

"The real key is helping them understand what's happening with our individual systems and then bringing them back into battle," said Dr. Panah.

He describes Skinny Seattle's approach all-natural, relying on real food and all-natural plant-based nutrients to bring the body back into a better state of balance. Customization of the program and support are essential.

"I work with each person individually from start to finish, which is very unusual," said Dr. Panah. "Many people are handed off to other people as they go through the process. It's a doctor-supervised process from beginning to end."

He says that education is also key to success, "Understanding how to really take care of your body, not just for a short period of time to lose weight, but for the rest of your life so now it's a lifestyle change. That makes all the difference."

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