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A Dungeons and Dragons exhibit celebrates the game's major impact on the Northwest

Everything's coming up Nat 20.

SEATTLE — Dungeons and Dragons has been giving people across the globe an opportunity to play out fantastical scenarios with their friends for 40 years. A new exhibit at the Renton History Museum celebrates the game's history, impact, and the unique communities that have sprung up around it here in the Northwest. 

 Hero's Feast was curated by Allison Moore, a Graduate Student at the University of Washington getting her masters in Museology. Moore and Sarah Samson from the Renton History Museum join New Day Northwest to talk more about the exhibit. 

Check out Hero's Feast at the Renton History Museum, at 235 Mill Avenue S., Renton. May 7, 2019 – October 16, 2019 Tickets start at $5.   

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