Seattle — When you think about it, the question "You're not from around here, are you?" isn't an especially nice one to ask.

"It's funny," said artist Lisa Myers Bulmash. "It's always phrased as a question but it's always a statement. Nobody thinks if I ask the question the answer they will get is 'Oh I just live around the corner'. It's always a challenge."

And one challenge deserves another. So Myers Bulmash spent years challenging herself to respond to that hard edged question in a variety of media, from collage to altered books to sculptures.

Especially lovely are a series of water colors that combine images from the Apollo moon landings with photos from her childhood.

"Home has always been an important concept to me and I wanted people to start thinking about what it means to work so incredibly hard to make a home for yourself."

African Americans have been calling Washington home for just as long as anyone, but when the artist moved to Seattle from Southern California twenty years ago, she realized something was different.

“I started noticing different things,” she said. “Most of the people are white here and I started asking myself where are the Black people in the Northwest? Because we're everywhere so we must be somewhere?”

Walk around the exhibit at the Northwest African American Museum and you will find your answer.

"We've always been here, maybe not in the same place you expect but we're not going anywhere."

The "So You're Not From Around Here" exhibit runs through April 8 at the Northwest African American Museum.

For more information and where to buy tickets visit,

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