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Your next chicken could be a rental

Hens 4 Hire is a Tukwila startup where the name says it all.

TUKWILA, Wash. — Travis Overly loves his ladies, who happen to be hens.

"I can watch them for hours," Overly says.

The Tukwila entrepreneur is betting that you'll be just as smitten with these little chickadees as he is.

"I'll just sit here and watch them. They call it 'Chicken TV.'"

That's why he's started a business called Hens 4 Hire. The name says it all.

"Nobody was doing it in Seattle yet."

Give Travis a call and he'll take care of everything: Two chickens, a coop, food, and bedding. 

You supply the love and care. And a little exercise.

"We recommend that you let them out to free range around your yard about an hour every day."

When homes, clubs or schools take delivery of the hens for a one or three-month rental period, they get a whole lot more than just a chicken.

"They get eggs and then they get the companionship of having hens, they get the experience of teaching their kids where food really comes from. The eggs don't just come from the carton on the shelf at the store," Overly says.

Unlike their male counterparts, hens avoid disturbing the peace.

"They're super-quiet at night, too, because that's how they stay away from predators."

And because there's no permanent commitment with this arrangement, it's a good way to keep hens from ending up in animal shelters.

"When they get tired of it now you can just give it back."

But Overly says once you get to know them you might want to keep 'em around.

"They definitely have big personalities."

To get in touch with Travis, you can visit his website at this link or give him a call at 833-GET-EGGS.

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