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Your job of the future may be down the drain

Experts say hands-on trade jobs will pay well for years to come. #k5evening

LAKE FOREST PARK, Wash. — "I like it. It feels like a puzzle," said PJ Kounpungchart, a very busy local plumber. 

Kounpungchart is the owner of Seattle Handywomen. She doesn't just have a job she loves. She has the job of the future.

"There's so much work, not enough plumbers," she said.

According to job search experts "The Interview Guys," plumber is the top-paying trade profession moving into the new year.

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Kounpungchart says all good plumbers share certain characteristics.

"Honesty, fairness, detail," she said. "With plumbing, the little things matter, like not missing a washer, or tightening up that screw."

You don't have to go to college to become a plumber, but you do need plenty of hands-on training, and that never really ends. 

"I love to learn," Kounpungchart said.

Genuine curiosity is a plus.

"I just go in there with a good positive attitude," she said. "Ask yourself some questions like where is it coming from? And what's causing it?"

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As for a certain well-known wardrobe malfunction, there's a good reason it's a professional hazard.

"Well, you can imagine leaning over the sink and not having the right pants. It's gonna be revealing," Kounpungchart said.

But if you plan ahead with your clothing and your career, you'll be a free-flowing success.

"We really love our job and we want to do the best job we can."

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