For some people, giving is what they do. For Makenna Schwab, it's also what she is.

“I think it's her heart,” said Makenna’s dad Shawn.

“I want other kids to know, hey, you're not the only one out there going through what you're going through,” said Makenna.

Since the age of eight, Makenna has been raising money for the kids at Seattle Children's. It's the place she considers her second home.

“She knows what it feels like to be a kid in the hospital,” said Melissa Schwab.

“I’ve been going to Children's my whole life,” said Makenna. “So, since I was a week old I've been coming here.”

The Wenatchee girl was born with Larsen Syndrome, a bone disorder that leaves joints dislocated and limbs placed in unusual positions.

But through 15 surgeries and almost constant physical therapy, Makenna has never stopped working to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the hospital.

“The girl doesn't know how to be unhappy, and so she just went through and said, ‘Okay, this is what I have to deal with,’” said Dr. Vincent Mosca.

Now, the staff at Children's is showing their gratitude.

There's a special cake with her face on it, she takes a tour of the new low-dose x-ray machine she helped purchase, and a recorded message from a special friend, Chris Pratt. 

On his regular visits to Children's, actor Chris Pratt has gotten to know and love this young fighter. The feeling is mutual.

“So down to earth,” said Makenna. “He's the nicest guy. He's hilarious. And he's so much fun to hang out with.”

Makenna says it's people like Chris who help keep her doing what she does, it's her generous hometown, and it's the inspiration she draws from her Seattle Children's family-- dedicated to helping kids just like her.

“There’s no better way to thank somebody for saving your life or being able to walk than to do something like give back in the way that I've been able to do,” said Makenna.

You can donate to the Makenna Schwab Fund through Seattle Children's website.