The Sasquatch Zipline Tour in Whistler is the zipline adventure you can't miss this summer. Extreme Jose is ready to except the challenge and ride the line.

"So it's 7,000 feet across, a 45 degree angle, and roughly about 600 feet up above the creek in the middle," said Zipline instructor Natalie Cobby.

GoPros are provided for guests that want to film themselves ziplining across, which makes for some pretty entertaining footage.

"The average speed is about 60 mph. That's sort of your start off mark, then you can go faster than that, even for seasoned veterans who have done skydiving and bungee jumping before, this one still sets it apart a little bit."

They offer two different options for the ride up. You can chose between riding the van ride up, which is a little bit less expensive, or if you want a full Whistler experience you can opt for the Peaked Peak. You get a little more time to think about what you've signed up for when you take the Peaked Peak because it takes roughly about an hour and a half for that full journey.

"Safety wise you're in a 5-point harness, two shoulder straps, a sternum strap, and you have a waistband which is what stenches you in there and then of course leg loops."

Zipline instructor, Natalie Cobby, has gone on the zipline millions of times and she still gets a little nervous.
Zipline instructor, Natalie Cobby, has gone on the zipline millions of times and she still gets a little nervous.

A little bit of peer pressure happens, but it's normally when you're first attached, you're looking directly down.

"I still get a little bit nervous and I've zipped over a million times."

For those who are scared that's probably the last time they'll ever do something like that, but for those who absolutely love it, they just want to do it again and again.

The entire ride takes about a minute and a half from start to finish.

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