TENINO, Wash. — What happens when you introduce newborn goats to the ancient practice of yoga? You may find the answer enlightening.

“Yoga is about being mindful, really listening to your body and enjoying the present moment,” says instructor Sarah Gaden.

There is no shortage of enjoyment at the goat yoga classes she teaches at Stone City Farm. The hour-long class is full of fun and laughs.

“The goats just jump all over the people and they massage your back for you,” says Gaden. “They can nibble your hair.”

It almost didn’t happen here in Tenino, Washington. It took a few years to convince Kathleen Nece to bring yoga to her 14-acre goat farm.

“I thought it was a fad,” Nece says. “I thought it would just be a fad that people would do for a summer and then it would be something else.”

Nece is already a busy businesswoman. She makes goat milk soap on the property.

“All of our soaps have at least an ounce of milk in them from the goats we raise on our farm,” she says. “So it makes for a very gentle and moisturizing bar of soap.”

But at her booth in Seattle's Pike Place Market that same question kept popping up.

“All of the customers were definitely asking ‘Do you do goat yoga?’ and ‘You need to do goat yoga’,” she says.

So Nece finally caved and she's glad she did.

“It's so great to see people enjoying themselves, playing with the goats and just relaxing and enjoying nature,” she says.

Nece bottle feeds the baby goats. That makes them extra friendly around people -- maybe even too friendly. The goats have no inhibitions.

If you wanna try goat yoga, here's some advice: leave your best yoga clothes at home and be aware that anything loose might get nibbled. You also must love animals because they will love you.

“I didn't know they would be so all over me,” laughs Dallas Cruz, whose hair attracted one particular baby goat. “I thought they would be more shy but these are not. They really like people so that's cool .”

“Goat yoga is really about finding that little bit of happiness in a busy world,” says Gaden.

There may be easier ways to find enlightenment, but no better way to have fun.

Goat Yoga at Stone City Farm | 13941 Old HWY 99 SE, Tenino, WA | 360-464-3928

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