A standup paddleboard with surprises debuts at this weekend's Northwest Paddling Festival at Issaquah's Lake Sammamish State Park.

Surprise number one? The makers of SipaBoards say it is the first self-inflating SUP on the market.

Number two? The same engine that pumps it up pumps OUT a jet-propelled boost.

"I mean you can literally lay down on the board and get where you need to go," says Brenda Einstein who sells SipaBoard in Bend, OR through nevado.com.

Invented by Slovenian Sebastjan Sitar, the boards were born of necessity when his kids got away from him on a European lake.

"All the kids were on the other side of the lake and the wind came up and they couldn't get back," says Brenda.

Sebastjan decided a little power underneath could make paddleboarding safer and more fun.

A SipaBoard is high-end, retailing for $2300. But the paddle has a remote control on the handle, which includes a switch for LED lights underneath.

There is a local option too. A company called Firefly Drives out of Mt. Vernon now mounts a motor on your existing model.

You can demo all of the above at the Northwest Paddling Festival May 11-13.

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