Earth's coldest recorded temperature is minus 129 degrees Fahrenheit in Antarctica. But that's nothin' compared to what could be the coldest room in the Bellevue's Northwest Cryotherapy Institute.

There are many cryotherapy TUBES used by Lebron James and other high-level athletes. Freezing the body is reported to speed recovery, much like an ice bath. But the new spot on the Eastside is a shower-like ROOM, big enough for two.

When "Evening's" Michael King stepped in, it was minus 134 degrees!

After three minutes in the chamber, ice forms on your skin.

Company founder Sushil Vasudeva says the room is superior because it envelops the ENTIRE body, whereas the tube leaves the upper neck and head outside. Plus the room allows you to move and stretch, allowing for more treatment getting to the joints.

If you go, you just might meet Jeremy Taiwo there. The Olympic decathlete from the UW works at the Institute.

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