ZILLAH, Wash. — Eased into her saddle with plenty of experience under her belt, Pepper Fewel takes city slickers on tours through Yakima's wine country.

"We match people to horses, and then we just start riding," Fewel said.

Horseback riding has become a popular way to go wine tasting, but Fewel realizes not everyone is at home on the range with an animal weighing one-thousand pounds or more. So, she came up with a different kind of horse power. Fewel calls it the Cowboy Limo.

"We want to bring you into our world, the farming aspect of this. And you get a little grit in your teeth, but it's still comfortable," she said. "This just kind of fit a need and we found it in a little niche and you can go to a few more wineries and have a relaxing afternoon."

After visiting one winery, Fewel's ATV-drawn hay wagon went to another winery. Orchards and vineyards staged impressive shows along the way.

"The fun thing is the valley itself, what a gorgeous place to live and you see people smile and we make great wines in this valley," Fewel said.

The cowboy limo will stop at four or more tasting rooms. In between, you can safely drink and 'ride'.

Cowboy Limo Yakima Valley Wine
You can safely drink and 'ride' aboard the Cowboy Limo as you visit up to 4 wineries.

"And you can share with your friends and drink along the way because we stay off the roads," Fewel said. "We go the back roads, and it gets to be a very happy wagon."

Fewel gets to be happy, too. Not by sipping her wine, but by sharing it any way she can, on horseback or hay wagon.

"What a great job," Fewel said. "Everyone's coming here to be happy. I couldn't say anything better than that."

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