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Travel back to the Wild West with this Woodinville property - Unreal Estate

Grab your cowboy hat and spurs and head to Woodinville, where you'll find this one-of-a-kind historic property. #k5evening

WOODINVILLE, Wash. — It turns out you don't need a time machine to travel back in time - just visit this Woodinville home with an entire Western town in its backyard.

"We have the barber shop, the saloon, the grocery store and then the jail," says Kari Haas, managing broker with Windermere Bellevue Commons.

Yes, there are four real buildings from the 1800s Western town of Silvana in the backyard of this Woodinville home. Silvana used to be about an hour north of Seattle - so how did they get to Woodinville, you ask? Thank the original owner.

"Mr. Jones was a collector of things," explains Haas.

He brought them to his Woodinville home, connected them together, and made history a reality.

"In 1962, for the World's Fair, he took that collection and opened up the Jones museum where the center house is today," says Haas.

You can actually walk through the buildings to see what was once a jail cell, old saloon hall, grocery store and barber shop.

Credit: Lawrence Monis
These are real buildings from the 1800s Western town of Silvana.

The tiny town rests behind a home that truly mixes the past with the present. In 1948, when the Jones family purchased it, it was a log cabin with a fireplace - no running water, no heat. Mr. Jones began adding on rooms, and it eventually became a 3700 sprawling home.

Some of the cabin's original features still remain, like a golden eagle over the door, and a relic of a doorbell.

"You can actually see as each bell is rung," Haas notes.

Credit: Josh Marshal Photography
The home itself has retained some of the original features.

Between the house and Western town is a lush garden complete with a bridge over Little Bear Creek.

"It's just a really romantic and nice spot to enjoy the beauty of this amazing property," Haas says. "I mean, you're really only thirty minutes from SeaTac airport, you're thirty minutes from downtown. Yet, you feel like you're worlds away."

Part of that is thanks to the abundance of trees and plants on the property, making this wild West relic feel even more magical.

"One would look at this and think that it is hugely expensive to maintain. But the landscaper has actually been doing this for over sixteen years. And he worked for the original Jones family. And he's still gonna continue taking care of this. And it's only $250 every time," says Haas.

This is a one-of-a-kind place that will take you back in time!

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