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Why this Olympia ice cream parlor has kids hopping and dogs wagging their tails

Humble Cow Ice Cream has created a stir by offering frozen treats for everybody in the family. #k5evening

OLYMPIA, Wash. — At Humble Cow Ice Cream shop just ordering a cone can add some bounce to somebody's day. 

"I feel like if you're going to give yourself a treat it should be a good one and ice cream definitely spreads joy," owner Meegan Cronk said. She came up with the name Humble Cow.

"I guess it's the opposite of pretentious," she laughed.

A former high school counselor, she dreamed up her small batch made from scratch artisan ice cream business at the onset of the pandemic.

"It was not a great time to start a business but it was a great time to plan a business," she said.

The plan involved having a place for community to gather where every member of the family could get an ice cream treat. From the vegan daughter to the family dog.

"We have pup cups which is a frozen treat for dogs and it is made with things that aren't harmful to dogs," Cronk said. "For example, there's no dairy in it, there's no chocolate in it so it's made from peanut butter and applesauce and bananas and things that are healthy for dogs but also gives them a fun treat."

Credit: KING TV
A family dog enjoys a pup cup at Humble Cow ice cream.

Handing someone an ice cream cone is like spreading a bit of joy.

"Ice cream kind of works at both ends of the spectrum," Cronk said. "If you are celebrating ice cream is appropriate. If you need some comfort ice cream is also appropriate."

Every day Humble Cow makes fresh batches of waffle cones and they will always be offering some kind of coffee ice cream.

"We are in the Northwest and people want their coffee, whether it's in the form of a drink or in the form of ice cream," she said.

So how good is the ice cream? We met two lifelong friends and ice cream aficionados ordering a taster's flight of six scoops.

"I'm going to give it a 10 out of 10," said Caroline Shipley-Peters. "Good flavor, it's really creamy, and the salted caramel one is very good."

"Salted caramel definitely wins in our book," agreed her friend Anna Krause. "But I think I could have any of these on any day and I'd be perfectly happy."

"It's really great to see people in here loving their ice cream," Cronk said. "It's exactly why I created this business and great ice cream".

Humble Cow is located in South Olympia on the corner of Henderson Blvd and Yelm Highway. They're open 2-9 p.m. daily.

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