TACOMA, Wash. — It's a class you’ll go head over heels for. Literally.

"People are a little more scared or intimidated at first because they're like, I've never hung upside down before," said Anna Noel, owner and lead instructor at Uplift Yoga & Healing Arts Studio in Tacoma.

Noel says antigravity yoga can work wonders on just about anyone.

"Especially people who have your typical 9 - 5 office job where you're sitting at a desk all day and your spin is kinda crunching in on itself all day long and the only way to get relief from that is to hang upside down and let the spine start to decompress and create that space between the vertebrae again."

"We use silk hammocks that hang from the ceiling that allows you to go upside down and do inversions and also allows you to go deeper into a lot of stretches then you can on the floor. They are actually rated to hold well over a thousand pounds.”

Antigravity yoga also allows participants to try poses they might not be able to do in a traditional yoga class.

"There's lots of amazing benefits to doing this kind of yoga. Decompressing the spin, lowering blood pressure. And also, just helping to elevate your mode and also help bring relaxation and to de-stress."

Shannon Boies has been taking classes for almost a year. She admits she was apprehensive at first, but now she's all in.

"I wanted to get into yoga and do something and this really seemed like a fun way. Once I started doing this the hammocks really felt like, more sportive to me. I felt like a had a little more support so I wasn't kinda you know falling around or not being able to get into the positions so for me this has been really beneficial."

So who needs a yoga mat. Hangin' around this class is guaranteed to turn your life upside down.

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