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Where the Chefs Eat: Maria Hines

Seattle chef Maria Hines has always set a high bar when it comes to her food. So when she goes out, she doesn’t go just anywhere.
Seattle Chef Maria Hines

SEATTLE — With her organic restaurants, Tilth, Golden Beetle and Agrodolce, Seattle chef Maria Hines has always set a high bar when it comes to her food.

"All the food is 95 percent certified organic through Oregon Tilth since the day they opened up," Hines said.

So when this busy chef goes out to eat, she doesn’t go just anywhere.

"The majority of time that I eat out, I want to eat something that's really soulful," Hines said. "Something that taste really delicious. Something that really isn't that fussy."

For those who believe in dessert first, Hines says you can find your fix in Ballard at Hot Cakes.

"Their focus is on their molten lava cakes, which are incredible," Hines said. "One of my favorites is their peanut butter cup. There's peanut butter fudge and peanut butter chucks, delicious ice cream going along with it."

And you may have eaten s’mores camping, but you haven't had them like this.

"This is definitely one of my all-time favorites," Hines said. "Definitely a lot of incredible texture that's going on with a little graham cracker and chocolate and the nice pillowy marshmallow and they do a nice little brulee on top of it. It's perfect."

When it comes to bringing the heat, Hines finds it around the corner on Market Street at, Pestle Rock.

"One of my favorite places for lunch or dinner. Northern Thai food. Really authentic to the region," Hines said. "All of the meat here is all sustainable which is really nice."

Also for lunch or dinner, Hines can not get enough of Revel in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood.

“Really, really incredible Korean inspired restaurant," Hines said. "The salad with corn lamb and mizuna lettuce. One of my all-time favorites. I'll come in and have this just for lunch. The pork belly, kimchee pancake. Really delicious. Nice and crispy on the outside. Rich, fatty, pork belly on the inside. A really, really solid dish."

So from savory to sweet, chef Hines tastes go both ways.

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