Here's Carla Marie and Anthony, morning radio show hosts at Seattle’s new POWER 93.3 with a look at what's trending in their world this week.

Nectar Sunglasses - Super cute and affordable eyewear for summer days in Seattle! Nectar Sunglasses are all under $40 and feature either polarized or non-polarized lenses. You can get 15% off your entire order if you use the code "power933" when you purchase your sunglasses online.

Validated - A perfect app for a night on the town and you want to save money with parking validation! This app finds offers from nearby restaurants and shops that will validate your transportation or parking costs for dining or shopping at their location. The business of choice will scan your app and your money will be transported into the app, where you can have the cash credited right into your bank account!

Zeel - Also known as "the Uber of massages" you can get massages on demand with Seattle's best massage therapists. All therapists have been certified with background checks. Zeel will also ask you to scan your ID, so that they can do a background check on you as well, for added safety.

Facebook Unfollowing - Not a cool new gadget, but a relevant tip for this political season: are you tired of your friends or family members inundating your news feed on their political and sometimes controversial opinions, but don't want to unfriend them? There is a solution: unfollowing. When your friend or family member's post shows up on your newsfeed, simply hover your mouse over their name and a small window will pop up. At the bottom of that small window, inbetween the "friends" and "message" button, click "following." Clicking the "following" button will change that setting so you are "unfollowing" that individual and will no longer see their posts on your news feed. It's a perfect solution to not cause any severed ties between family and friends.

You can catch Carla Marie and Anthony weekday mornings from 6:00 am to 10am on POWER 93.3.