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Westport was voted 2019's best place to fish

You're likely to catch a few, bring those nets and coolers, they'll clean and fillet them for ya.
Happy Hula Girl clients leave their bottomfishing expedition with bags full of fish in Westport, voted Best Fishing Hole

WESTPORT, Washington — “I've had people tell me when they've gone Albacore fishing ‘This is the most fun I've ever had in my entire life!’ No exceptions” says Kevin Marks, who captained a charter boat out of Westport for seven years.

He says overnight trips where 11 clients caught 100 fish still happen all the time.

“I've seen guys get scores of up to 15 -18- 20 fish per person,” says Marks.

He might miss fishing a little, but thanks to his floating store, Seafood Connection, Marks guarantees you can walk off of Westport's Float 8 with dinner.

“We decided to sell salmon, but I was crab fishing at the time so we sell crab too. Kids look at the crab. It's kind of just a fun experience, ” says Marks.

If you go, do not leave Seafood Connection without some professionally canned Albacore tuna.

On Float 9 we met Captain Steve Kelly's Hula Girl back from an action-packed bottom fishing trip. Everybody caught a bargain: fish worth nearly twice the $135 fee they paid for the excursion, all cleaned and filleted right there on the boat.

“Right now it's almost guaranteed you're gonna get ten rockfish and two lingcod per person right now,” says Marks.

Another reason why Westport has been voted, "Best Fishing", in Evening's 2016 & 2019 Best Northwest Escapes.

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