OLYMPIA, Wash. — What better way to cruise the capitol than with the governor as your guide?  Jay Inslee shows us around the Washington State Capitol Campus in Olympia.

Here are just a few things we'll learn:  

  • The governor has a 42-star flag hanging on his office wall.  There are very few of them in existence because the 43rd state, Wyoming, entered the union just after Washington.
  • The governor is an avid painter and photographer.  We'll see some of his work on the tour.
  • One of Governor Inslee's favorite presidents once sat in the same chair he uses today.
  • The number of steps at the front of the Legislative Building represents a statistic from the state's history.
  • The governor's residence has its own bee hive and garden.
  • The fountain at the capitol has a Copenhagen connection.
  • The campus' Moon Tree has literally been to the moon.  (Sort of.)

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