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Treat your sweet tooth to these 5 Washington State goodies - Gimme 5

Just tell the dentist you were trying to show some home state pride

TACOMA, Wash. — Dessert comes first in this week's Gimme 5. Let's do this in alphabetical order. 

#1, Almond Roca

Credit: KING TV

A worldwide favorite, Brown & Haley has been making the original butter crunch toffee treats with California almonds in Tacoma for more than 100 years

Aplets & Cotlets

Credit: KING TV

Similar to Turkish delights, they're apple and apricot candies made with English walnuts by Liberty Orchards in Cashmere Washington. They've been around since before 1920 but gained fame during the Seattle World's Fair.

#3, Chukar Cherries

Credit: KING TV

Fresh made from the fruit lands of eastern Washington since 1988, these cherries --dipped in chocolate and other treats-- are the pride of Prosser.

#4, Seattle Chocolate

Credit: KING TV

This women owned and run business has been making their signature melt away truffle bars since 1991. They get very creative with packaging like this neat idea for your ferry commuting friend.

#5, Theo Chocolate

Credit: KING TV

Made from scratch in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood, Theo Chocolates were the first organic, fair trade certified chocolate maker in North America.

Honorable Mention: Mountain Bars

Credit: KING TV

Also made by Tacoma's Brown & Haley, they're chocolate bars with peanuts and three kinds of creamy filling .

And there you have it. Five great ways to treat your sweet tooth...and show some home state pride.

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