SEATTLE — When you come upon a stroller, you generally see a baby on board. But if it's your lucky day, Walter the Bunny will be on board.

Walter is often seen around the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle in a stroller.

"We took him to Christmas at my dad's house last year. And then it really evolved from there. We wanted him to be as much of our daily life as possible. So we got him first the harness and then the stroller," says Walter's "mom" Carrie Eaton.

He goes everywhere with Carrie and his "brother," Carrie's son Aldous.

Walter the Wonder Bunny, as he's known, visits the playground, the beach even Mt. Rainier.

"And it was something we'd never done before. We've never taken him to snow," Aldous says.

They recently went international as Walter visited Vancouver.

 Aldous likes to make he made Walter his star on his own YouTube channel.

"Typical actor. Sometimes difficult to work with. So hard. Not in the mood to cooperate. Never in the mood," say mother and son.

Fans from all over the country and even as far away as Ireland and Japan tune in to see a day in Walter's life.

They adopted him from a Seattle shelter.

"And Walter sniffed us a little bit. And then he just flopped down, which for rabbits is a sign that they are comfortable and relaxed. And he did that immediately with us," says Carrie.

They never trained him. But he trains them.

"Snuggle more. Sleep plenty. Eat better. Eat fruits and vegetables. Y'know it spreads joy and happiness and that's a beautiful thing," they say.

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