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Visit the mountain getaway near Leavenworth where profits fund arts, environment, and history

Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort is owned by Icicle Fund, which supports various causes in North Central Washington. #k5evening

LEAVENWORTH, Wash. — A picturesque mountain retreat near Leavenworth doesn’t just serve guests. It also supports the work of a non-profit.

Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort is home to 58 cabins, restaurants, and a day spa — and the profits from rooms, food, and services go back into the community.

Every penny that's not spent on upkeep or staff goes to Icicle Fund — a non-profit supporting the arts, environment, and history of North Central Washington.

The unique idea was created by philanthropist Harriet Bullitt.

"Harriet is the most visionary person I've ever met,” said Christine Morgan, Executive Director of Icicle Fund. "She wanted to connect people to the land so that in the future, they would protect it and take care of it."

Credit: Kim Holcomb
The resort is named for the mountain beside it, which resembles the silhouette of a resting woman.

Harriett's mother, Dorothy, founded KING-TV, and the family spent summers near Sleeping Lady Mountain. Harriet later bought 65 acres of existing property and built the resort. Roughly 20 years ago, she founded Icicle Fund. Eventually, she gifted the resort to the non-profit as a source of funding.

"The only profits that don't go to Icicle Fund are the part of the profits that need to be reinvested in the resort to keep it beautiful and attractive and welcoming for the guests that come here,” Morgan said.

Credit: Kim Holcomb
Artist and wildlife biologist Heather Murphy, who's received art grants from Icicle Fund, paints in a meadow at the edge of the resort.

Artist and wildlife biologist Heather Murphy has benefitted from the fund, in the form of grants.

"It's her tribute,” Murphy said. “I hope that people will think about Harriet Bullitt and go, 'She wants us all to be the best we can be, to love and care for the land that we walk on.’ She made me be responsible to be the best me I could be."

The resort has operated for three decades but remains something of a well-kept secret.

"I just think this is an incredible opportunity and I wish more people knew about it,” said General Manager Chuck Schuringa. “There’s a beautiful view of the Icicle River that can't be beat. There are over 40 pieces of art spread throughout, even a Chihuly."

Credit: Kim Holcomb
Herds of docile deer roam the property freely, often grazing next to cabins.

A newly-renovated heated pool and jacuzzi are nestled among the trees. At the Aspen Leaf Day Spa, visitors can relax with a Signature Jade Stone Facial (a technique used for the past decade, long before it became mainstream.)

Leashed dogs are welcome on the property and can stay in most of the cabins. But lots of guests come to see the resident wildlife, from herds of docile deer to rare white-headed woodpeckers.

"People come from all over the country just to see this special woodpecker,” Schuringa said.

Credit: Kim Holcomb
The resort offers breathtaking views of the Icicle River.

The resort is a getaway, a sanctuary, and a home — depending on who you ask. But whatever a person’s reason for visiting, they’re helping maintain the legacy of Harriett Bullitt.

"Are you familiar with the story of the little ant that carries one drop of water to a big fire? Somebody asks it, 'Why are you carrying one drop of water to this huge fire?’ And the ant answers, 'Because that's what I can do,’” Morgan said. "Go forth. And do good."


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