There are things from our childhoods that we think are lost forever, but that's not always true, at least at a Mukilteo company.

It's a carbonated wonderland where all your childhood soda pop dreams come true!

Let me tell you about a slice of Americana. A place oh so Spiffy, with enough Moxie, it'll make you Bubble Up with excitement.

“As a family when we would go on a road trip, we loved driving into the gas stations,” said Mike Bourgeois. “And we always knew there was going to be a soda machine with ice cold, glass bottle sodas.”

Mike suspects a lot of us have similar childhood memories of carbonation.

“People look back to that time period in the 40's and 50's, and things seemed to be simpler, easier,” said Bourgeois.

His company, Orca Beverage, offers not just pop, but a cool refreshing memory.

“Every day we get emails around the country from people that remember these sodas and are just happy to see 'em back on the market,” said Bourgeois.

They've revived more than a hundred brands like Brownie, Nesbitt, and Goodie. Some are their own creations, lke their Americana Honey Cream Soda, which is like drinking ice cream. They only come in classic glass bottles which are all filled right here in Mukilteo.

“People always remember going as a kid, grabbing that cold glass bottle soda and popping the top, and drinking it, whether it was a root beer or whatever flavor they remember,” said Bourgeois.

They either buy the rights to recipes from 1934, ‘29 or even 1884, or they figure out the formula to recreate a retro soda.

Hiro Yokoo is Orca's master mixologist. He's been honing his taste buds since he was a kid.

“I love to taste, you know, everything. Different tastes, you know, different flavor. I have to try it,” said Yokoo.

This all started as a class project when Mike was at Seattle U in the late 80's.

“So I thought after graduating, it would be fun to try this. So, I started it kind of as a hobby, part time venture. And little by little, it started to grow,” said Bourgeois.

Now, they send vintage soda all over the globe. They even have a robot!

Just like a good ole soda!

Orca Beverage
11903 Cyrus Way # 5, Mukilteo, WA 98275
(425) 349-5655