Sure Tulalip Resort Casino has many ways to win money, but there's much more to do there then just gamble.

"Tulalip is really the only place here in the Northwest that you can get an all-encompassing entertainment experience," Says Samuel Askew, General Manager at Tulalip.

Those experiences include things like their tranquil spa.

"Our T Spa is a 17 thousand square foot facility. It really isn't just a luxurious spa, but a lifestyle spa."

If you’re hungry there are several great places to eat, but Tulalip’s best can be found at Blackfish.

"Blackfish restaurants are authentic seafood and steaks. It's very Pacific Northwest cuisine. We actually do the salmon on cedar stakes just as you would within the tribe. We have people coming as far south as Tacoma and as far north as Vancouver (B.C)."

After dinner, you can take in a show inside or during the summer, under the stars.

"Our outdoor amphitheater holds three thousand people for some really fantastic big-name concerts. We have everything from live music to live comedy and only the best in the Northwest."

And if you need a place to stay after you play, they have you covered there too.

"We did a top to bottom room upgrade threw out the property that took us 15 months to complete. It's unlike anything else you've seen in the past. Our goal was to what had been set as the bar previously and elevate it even more."

So who needs Vegas when all the action is right in your backyard.

"When you come to Tulalip, you really know that you're staying at Tulalip and not just another resort."

Tulalip Resort Casino was voted "Best Casino" in Evening's 25th annual Best of Western Washington viewers poll.