POULSBO, Wash. — Who would have guessed the rowdiest store in Poulsbo is the one that sells candles? On Fridays, Truelux has live music. There's a shop dog named Kat (short for Kathleen) and wine pouring all afternoon.

“This is actually pretty typical,” said Lindsay Reyes. “We have parties here at least two or three times a month.”

Truelux specializes in homemade lotion candles. They offer 40 different fragrances ranging

from Blue Spruce to Viking Brew. The candles burn just a few degrees above body temperature and melt into warm hydrating lotions.

“You just need a little tiny drop, and then you just work it into your skin like a regular lotion,” said Reyes.

They're a much bigger hit here than in Houston where Lindsay Reyes and husband Gene started Truelux.

“It's kind of hard to sell things that are on fire and hot when you're in Texas where it's very hot, to begin with,” laughed Lindsay Reyes.

Gene is the candle maker. After years in the military, he was looking for a complete change in direction.

“I always loved candles and candles were something that I knew if I kept with it I could nail it,” he said.

Reyes had to play with the formula 47 times before he got it right. The candles are made with care, from natural ingredients like cosmetic grade soy and Shea butter.

Truelux is a store that feels like a cocktail party, with the kind of products that will make you feel relaxed.

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