With Halloween just around the corner, there's no better way to find your holiday spirit than paying a visit to Montlake's very own Trick or Treat House.

This is the 13th year creators Don Zimmer and James W. Sutherland are decking out the Trick or Treat House, an attraction that has become so popular that up to 700 people show up every Halloween.

Each year has a different theme - like a dinner party, an art gallery, a fashion show, or even the memorable Hauntlake Skelementary School.

Trick or Treat House encourages everyone who stops by to drop off a donation. The food drive was set up after visitors began asking how they could make a contribution, and last year, they had their biggest year yet.

"Roughly 500 pounds. 590, or something like that. And 800 dollars worth of cash donations," said Sutherland.

All items collected will be donated to the Chicken Soup Brigade, which works to improve the nutritional health of people living with chronic conditions and hunger. The Trick or Treat House also asks that those who can't stop by make a donation to the organization through their website.

Collections will run through November 2nd, and non-perishable food items can be dropped off day or night to 2236 East Blaine Street, Seattle WA.