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Travel tumbler everyone thirsts for made by Seattle company

Stanley has been around since 1913 — now they have a product that's TikTok famous. #k5evening

SEATTLE — Stanley is based in Seattle, the company has been around since 1913. They make that classic green thermos that's been keeping hot things hot and cold things cold for decades. 

But the company isn't afraid of innovation. New products this year include The DayBreak Collection, stainless steel mugs and saucers for enjoying anything from a latte to a cup of tea and the Lifted Spirits Collection, bar ware with a surprise prismatic design element inside the rocks glasses and cocktail shakers. 

But there's one Stanley innovation that continues to be the the gift for anyone who's into what's trending and staying hydrated. It's so big on social media there was a waitlist to get one awhile back. Carrie Underwood has one that's bedazzled. It's a 40 ounce behemoth travel tumbler called the Quencher, and the Quencher H2.0 FlowState (tm) Tumbler is the next iteration of this It water-carrier that slides nicely into your car's cupholder. 

"This is the updated version of our classic Quencher, the viral TikTok sensation Quencher 1," explained Stanley's Senior Manager of Industrial Design, Ryan Smith. "With this we focused on detail obsession," he said pointing out the soft matte finish that's both grippable and smooth to the touch, as well as the adjustable lid for leak resistance. 

We'll see if the new cup can sustain that fan base (13.8 million views and counting on TikTok). Also, we can't believe we are writing about a cup with fans

Whether it's the water container all the cool kids want — or the same thermos your dad or mom carried to work back in the day, any gift from Stanley will do the same thing.

"Encourage that local shopping mentality and support for a local Seattle brand," Smith said. 

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