SEATTLE — As the weather gets nicer, there are lots of beaches in Seattle worth visiting - some of them so small, they're practically secret.

The City of Seattle has more than 100 "shoreline street ends" - public streets that end on waterfronts and have special rights of way to be preserved and improved for public use.

We checked out three along Lake Washington.

#1: A quiet spot off East Harrison Street, near 39th Avenue East

There’s just one small sign designating the public space in an otherwise residential area. A short pathway takes visitors under a canopy of trees and leads to a sandy beach open to the public. It’s good for wading, swimming, or picnicking.

#2: A popular kayak launch off East Prospect Street, right next to Seattle Tennis Club

The public shore only has one bench and is covered in gravel, but it offers a spectacular, unobstructed view of Mount Rainier. It’s the perfect spot for Instagramming and relaxing on a clear day.

#3: Denny-Blaine Park

The third “secret beach” is easier to find - it even has a sign and parking lot! The park is two acres of grassy overlooks and waterfront beach, with a clear view of downtown Bellevue.The old stone wall surrounding the beach marked the shoreline before 1917, when Ship Canal construction lowered the level of the lake. One important note: people occasionally sunbathe topless or nude at Denny-Blaine.

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