BEVERLY, Washington — Kurt Hughes has been reaching for the stars his entire life.

"When I was in high school, I built a telescope, which was briefly one of the largest ones in the state," said Hughes.

A few years ago, he embarked on the ultimate journey: building his own spaceship.

However, this craft isn't meant for the stars. It sits on the bank of the Columbia River and serves as Hughes' dream house. 

It took 6 years of weekend construction for this other-worldly home to take shape. 

As a Seattle boat designer, this is his most unusual ship.

"Just like we build a boat," Hughes said of the craft. The walls and doors are stuffed full of insulation. The plumbing, heating, and lighting systems are ultra-efficient. 

Hughes' electric bill? Rarely over 20 dollars a month.

The ship is also nearly indestructible. A recent wildfire stood no chance against the structure. 

"Lunar Lander dwelling is what I call it," said Hughes.

With features right from outer space, it's also filled with earthly delights.

A circular window near the dining table pays tribute to Captain Nemo, overlooking the river so Hughes can spot birds and fish.

"At night, you can see the stars or the moon," Hughes said of the large domed window at the top of the space house. 

Lunar Lander House
The unique shape of the spaceship house provides beautiful views of the Columbia River, even from the shower.

A microwave and refrigerator are included in the complete kitchen. A long ship ladder brings you below deck to the bedroom. 

"It's one of the favorite places in the world for me," said Hughes of his spot on the Columbia River.

Lunar Lander
A long ship ladder leads you to the bedroom below the main floor of the spacecraft.

The spacecraft has no shortage of views, as the hatch in the shower can be opened for a direct line of sight to the brisk river water. If you get bored looking at the river, you can watch the light in the showerhead change colors with the temperature of the water. 

With all of its gadgets and gizmos, Hughes' lunar lander reminds him of something more.

"In a way, it's a homage to a time when anything was possible," said Hughes.

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