LOS ANGELES — The name of the show says it all. 'This Is Us' is about us, right?

"People from all walks of life are able to see themselves in these characters and in these stories," says Mandy Moore, who plays the program's matriarch, Rebecca Pearson.

Co-star Chris Sullivan agrees, "There's a thousand ways into this show. There's a thousand ways to relate to it."

Cast members are often approached in public by the show's fans.

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"I do think that there's something unique about this show and the way that it sort of forces you to connect," says Sterling K. Brown, one of the most popular stars of 'This Is Us.' "I don't think too many people can watch it passively. It kind of cracks you open and you're like, oh snap! Have I talked to my mamma?"

"People want to come up almost, in sort of like, a therapeutic kind of way," Moore explains, "And talk to you about their life, talk about what characters they relate to, or a certain issue that's sparked conversation in their household."

"Really divulging all these really dark, deep secrets," Chrissy Metz says. "And I'm like, oh no, I don't know if I can handle this. I'm in the chip aisle at the grocery store. Like, this is a lot."

In the end, maybe we're all just looking for a little reassurance that these characters, and the world, will be just fine. Maybe co-star Susan Kelechi Watson can tell us everything's going to be okay?

"I cannot," she says, with a laugh. "I cannot."

'This Is Us' airs Tuesdays at 9 on NBC.

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