“I've seen this before in the academy,” Dr. McCoy’s nurse said. “This is inflammatory foot fungus.”

And just like that: another death sentence for a guy in a red shirt. Unfortunately, I am that guy in the red shirt.

“It's gonna start with your foot,” McCoy says, giving it to me straight. “Soon it's gonna take over your whole body. The important thing is this. You chose the red shirt, and you wore it well.”

The unlucky red shirts

Lurching space ships.

Hysterical women

Those are just some of the Star Trek tropes improv actors with Seattle Experimental Theater have been using for five summers in a row.

“Yes!” says actress Cheryl Platz. “ And five years is a really significant number in the Star Trek universe because the original mission of the Enterprise was five years.”

Though the shows are loosely based on Star Trek episodes, each performance is different thanks to audience suggestions and the nature of improv.

“It is fun,” says actor Nicholas Schell. “ It's exciting. You show up each night, and you never know what kind of suggestions you're gonna get.”

Only one part of the show isn't left to chance.Every fight scene is choreographed and practiced before each performance.

“Those moments when the show really clicks are magical,” says Platz, “like we can feel ourselves writing an episode that might have made it.”

You can catch the Seattle Experimental Theater’s production of “Where No Man has Gone Before” Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from June 9 –June 18 at Theatre off Jackson.