The shots look improbable. Some even look impossible. In Lakewood, Wash., trick pool shot artist Cary Wallace specializes in making the inconceivable actually happen.

But beating hundred to one odds on a pool table is nothing compared to the odds Cary has beaten in life.

Back in 2006, Cary was handing out paychecks at a construction site when one moment changes his entire life.

“It felt like somebody hit me in the head with a hammer. I mean just like that quick,” said Wallace. “And it was pain. And my vision went instantly. And headache like you don't even know.”

The diagnosis: a brain tumor.

“It was the size of a tangerine,” said Wallace.

The specialist gave Cary two years to live.

“And he said there's no out,” said Wallace.

A ten thousand to one shot ...and Cary made it. With the cyst removed, Cary faced years of rehabilitation. That's when his wife brought home a pool table.

“The kids can tell you I get up in the morning and shoot pool,” said Wallace. “They go to bed and wake up and sometimes I'm still shooting pool.”

Cary got so good the kids didn't want to play him. So two years ago he started practicing trick shots.

“Knocking in six balls at a time,” said Wallace, “it's always been fun for me. Excites me.”

Cary is ranked among the thirty best trick shooters in the nation and he competes against world champions.

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