SEATTLE - He sang his way to worldwide fame, poppin' tags on the Macklemore hit, Thrift Shop. So what does Grammy winner Michael Wansley do for an encore?

Wanz is bringing a new sound to a familiar instrument. Never has the triangle sounded so sweet.

"It just moves me," fan Dan Fish said. "You can see tears forming. It's incredible."

Don't be fooled by its simple design. The instrument can take years to perfect.

"No one really understands how much effort it takes to learn all three sides of the triangle," said Wansley.

And it can take listeners years to enjoy.

Wansley said, "I can't tell you the lack of response that I've gotten."

There's a full-length, triangle solo album in the works, produced by Macklemore collaborator Ryan Lewis, followed by a world tour.

"I've had interest in the middle of Australia, the outback of Sudan," Wansley said.

Thanks to the three sides of Wanz, attention for the long-neglected triangle is bound to triple.

"Now that I'm finding my audience," Wansley said, "The potential is global."

To visit Wanz's GoFundMe page, click here.