SEATTLE — For more than half a century, we have seen stories through the eyes of Greg Gilbert. He has photographed some of the best times and the worst times for us to see on the pages of the Seattle Times. 

"I've been allowed to be in places that most other people are roped off," said Greg. 

One of those places was Boeing's first 777 transatlantic flight in 1995. "It was the first time in the history of photography that a digital image, or any kind of a photo image was transmitted from the air and published," Greg said.

Greg is no stranger to taking photos in the air. In order to get a shot of a building, Greg was on a platform suspended by a crane, which was located on the roof of the building.

Greg Gilbert Seattle Times Photographer
In this photo, Greg is on the platform being held up by the crane. He'll go almost anywhere to get the right photo.
Greg Gilbert

"There are some pictures that I look at and think, gee did I really shoot that?" Greg said. He's photographed presidents, Olympians, musicians and once-in-a-lifetime moments.

"It took me about 10 days to plan that picture," said Greg, referring to a photo of the Kingdome implosion in 2000. He created a remote triggering system to catch the destruction at just the right moment.

When he's not on the job, he's aboard his floating home, a 93-year-old boat named Winifred. He restored the 46-foot yacht himself and has lived on the water for almost 20 years.

Even if Greg has a day off, his cameras don't. He keeps them at the ready aboard his home, shooting landscapes and anything else that catches his eye.

"One time, I had just three little chicks on a piece of wood, just floating by. No mom or dad or anything," Greg said.

Greg Gilbert Seattle Times Photographer
Three chicks float on a piece of wood in Lake Union.
Greg Gilbert

Now in his 70s, Greg has no plans to retire. He'll keep on clicking, and following his own best advice: "For heaven's sake, have the picture in focus!"

Greg Gilbert | Seattle Times Portfolio

Greg Gilbert began his photography career in high school in his hometown of Olympia, Washington. Share story Greg Gilbert began his photography career in high school in his hometown of Olympia, Washington. He attended Art Center School in Los Angeles and the University of Washington.

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