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The man behind Annie talks about creating the Broadway classic

The original director of Annie talks about bringing the show to Seattle.
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Seattle – It's the childhood soundtrack for countless kids around the world. The music from Annie has become iconic since it was first sung almost 40 years ago. And no one is more proud of what it's become, than the man who helped created it.

"The little red head has sustained me and honored me and sent hundreds of thousands of kids to the theater for the very first time." Said Martin Charnin.

Charnin was the director and lyricist for Annie when it made its Broadway debut in the mid 70's. He says they were trying to make a musical that would bring people up during the down years of that era.

"We wanted to remind people that in light of a terrible time, someone has to go there and say it's going to get better, it's going to get better. And that's what Annie's about," Charnin said. "I knew it was ok. I knew it was good. I knew that it was honest. I knew that we wrote something which was about the tap on the shoulder that all cynicism deserves every now and again. To be reminded that there's a better something out there."

Charnin is in Seattle to direct a new touring company of the show playing at the Paramount Theater. But this isn't his first time here. In fact in 2004 while working with the Village Theatre in Issaquah, he liked it so much, he and his wife decided to move here.

"We had three kids grow up here. All went off to collage from here. One is at Seattle U." Said Charnin.

Charnin is not a big fan of what Hollywood has done with his beloved musical. He wants this version of Annie to be as close to the original production as possible.

"Fortunately at this moment in time, the original iconic Annie is on the stage here in Seattle." Charnin said.

Annie is now playing at the Paramount Theatre now till September 26.